Case Study: Finding Photographic Evidence of Causes of Delay


Our client was the mechanical and electrical sub-contractor on a project to build a new showroom for a high-end car manufacturer. The sub-contractor had been delayed from completing their mechanical and electrical services installations due to the lack of progress by the main contractor and disruption caused by other sub-contractors all trying to accelerate their programmes and access work-faces simultaneously. Emerald Business Bureau was hired to work alongside a team of Legal and Commercial Management Specialists to produce evidence for a claim (in preparation of Adjudication if needed) for delay and disruption.

Our Role

Examine over 1,500 photographs and identify which photos could be used in evidence to support a claim for disruption and delays to the Construction Programme.

How We Helped

  • Creation of a Scott Schedule template used to detail the claims
  • Reviewed the Construction Programme to pull-out key dates
  • Reviewed 1,500 photographs that had been taken during the course of the onsite works to find photographs that showed the cause of delays for our Client
  • Completed the approved Scott Schedule using the photographic evidence we discovered, including the date each photograph was taken, the programme activity to which it referred, the programmed dates for commencement and completion, and the duration of the delay at the time of the photograph.
As an example of how the photographic evidence we collected was used, on the date our client was contracted to start testing and commissioning, the building wasn’t fully watertight, internal walls weren’t in place, lifts hadn’t been installed and internal doors and windows were missing.

Our Client Says

For a sub-contractor, pursuing a claim is a last resort and the legal process can be stressful and risky. Emerald Business Bureau’s forensic examination and collation of the photographic evidence helped ensure our case was robust and that our action was successful.
PG, mechanical and electrical dispute specialist