Case Study: Analysis of Delay by Activities


Our client had experienced lengthy delays whilst working on a major construction project and was pursuing a claim for an Extension of Time and compensation. Emerald Business Bureau was hired to find evidence which proved there were discrepancies and variations between the Planned Programme and the As-Built Programme.

Our Role

Provide specialist commercial management support to analyse contract documentation and provide clear, logical evidence to support our client’s claim.

How We Helped

  • Using the Planned Programme as the starting point, we carried out analysis on an activity by activity basis to establish when each activity actually started and completed
  • Once we had identified each start and completion date, we created a formatted Excel spreadsheet which calculated the period of delay for each activity
  • We created a clear timeline of key dates based on the Sub-Contract and Planned Programme
  • We created bar charts to show planned and actual durations for each activity, along with key milestones
  • We checked and formatted documents to support our client’s claim for an Extension of Time andcompensation due to the delays caused by the main contractor and his other sub-contractors/trades.
  • We collated, bound and printed the documents for the proceedings.

Result: Our client’s claims were upheld.

Our Client Says