Case Study: Support During Adjudications


Our client was pursuing several claims against a national supermarket chain for non-payment for services provided through a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Contract. The supermarket launched six counter-adjudications which were vigorously defended by our client.

Our Role

Support a team of legal and commercial management specialists collating and presenting evidence for multiple adjudications and counter-adjudications in a long-standing payment dispute.

How We Helped

  • Provided part-time specialist admin support for nine months
  • Created a Scott Schedule template which was used for each adjudication and claim
  • Populated multiple Scott Schedules and compared physical evidence against items listed in each of the schedules
  • Checked that all the evidence included in the Schedule was relevant to the claim and contained evidence of the initial call out, engineers’ report sheets, store references and invoices for materials, plant and sub-contractors
  • Corrected any discrepancies between the physical evidence and the Scott Schedule, advising the Client of any “gaps,” and updating the Scott Schedule and evidence files as appropriate
  • Collated evidence for each adjudication and supervised a team of five people to produce six copies of the final evidence files
  • Approximately 200,000 sheets of evidence were produced and filed in over 250 lever arch files with 25,000 hand-written card dividers.

Our Client Says

Emma’s knowledge and understanding of construction industry disputes is invaluable and helped us to successfully settle or win every adjudication we brought or defended during this nine-month process. The Adjudicator commented on the quality and quantity of our evidence and that is testament to Emma’s methodical and knowledgeable approach.
Peter Graham, Director